Testimonial – Anonymous

“Bryan and Rather Be Dog Walking have consistently provided stellar care for my border collie cross, Kali. Working from home, I had the chance to see Kali’s joy first-hand when Bryan arrived, and her blissful exhaustion when she returned home hours later. It’s tremendously comforting to know Kali is in the care of somebody she loves, and who loves her right back. Do your dog a favour and give them some time with Bryan.”

Testimonial – Zephyr

“As a member of the golden oldies crew, I would like to thank the folks at Rather Be Dog Walking for always pushing my bum up into the car. I may not be as spry as I use to be but I’m still super frisky. This is my 10th year with Rather Be Dog Walking. I started out with Melissa when I was just a pup. Now Bryan is my main man. Thanks for all the great walks!!!!” – Zephyr

Testimonial – Rocky

“They call me Rocks, they call me Rock Star. I actually like to eat rocks. I am not the type that will be quieted but Bryan is my main man. When he speaks, I listen. I never thought I’d get to run, off leash with the wind at my back, but Bryan made this happen. Bryan-you are a rock star!” – Rocky

Testimonial – Charlotte

“The highlight of my day is my time with Bryan and my friends! I love running and playing, chewing sticks, chasing the ball that Bryan throws for us and hunting for squirrels of course! I first met Melissa five years ago and fell in love with her. She is so friendly and loving and always has lots of cookies in her pockets! Now Bryan takes good care of me and all my pals. He especially loves the snow as I do, although I can’t seem to convince him to roll around in it with me or eat it. My mom also loves Rather Be Dog Walking because she says that she can always count on Melissa and Bryan to take good care of me.” – Charlotte